Late last year I thought I’d give presenting a try. I started with my local user group in Manchester with the help of Chris Testa-O’neill who runs the user group. It was a tough ask following on from the amazingly good Kimberly Tripp, who is one heck of a presenter.

Amongst the many things that I got out of presenting was something I never expected. I’m now far more aware of how other people present, what they’re doing that I would like to add to how I present and what they do that I do wrong. It’s surprising how starting to present means you learn from just watching others. Presenting has also made me more grateful than I was before for all the hard work that people put in. Lastly presenting is a great deal of fun, if you’ve thought about it but not yet tried it have a go. I’ve found people really supportive and anyone else who presents seems to only want to help you get better and grow as a presenter. What a great community we are all a part of.

The first presentation I did was on transaction log internals and you can find the material here.

Until I work out what the layout of this section is going to be my subsequent presentations will be listed below: –

SQL Server Waits and Queues

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